Weekly Art Spotlight 10/18-10/22


@artsy.arlene on Instagram.

Arlene Espinoza-Valenzuela makes the art for this week’s artist spotlight!

Arlene is a freshman at Mariner High school and has been drawing for about ten years; most of her art is inspired by creators such as @Snailords, @Spoofdragons, and @Puppiepunch on Instagram, featuring a mix of genres like thriller and animals. The thriller/horror art style became popular and more known in the 19th century and has taken off in the realm of art.  Art is a great way to focus and release your thoughts to calm or express yourself, and in this case, Espinoza-Valenzuela says, “It’s just fun and relaxing.”

“I only can draw animals and landscapes, I’ve tried drawing people, but it doesn’t really look like a person,” Espinoza-Valenzuela says. She used Procreate to make this piece, and it took about 1 hour. “When I make art, I like for other people to enjoy it,” Espinoza-Valenzuela adds. Arlene is still making wonderful art inspired by animals and scenery to share with others!