Streaming Feature of the Week


Kailee Abendroth (she/they) 11th Grade, Chief Editor

This week’s feature is a horror-comedy that has reentered pop culture despite its 2009 release. Karyn Kusama’s “Jennifer’s Body” stars, successful model turned actress, Megan Fox as the protagonist Jennifer Check, a popular cheerleader who becomes possessed by a flesh-hungry demon. Jennifer’s best friend, Anita “Needy” Lesnicki, discovers that Jennifer has been feeding upon the male population at their high school and vows to put an end to her reign of terror. This movie is available on Amazon Prime Video and is rated for mature audiences, so viewer discretion is advised!

While the film wasn’t well-received at the initial release, receiving an underwhelming 45% on rotten tomatoes, the movie aged well. With the rise of feminism, the story has been seen as a sort of female empowerment, especially in the male-dominated genre of horror.

“People are always dumb in horror movies,” says MHS Junior Brianna Jourdan, “but when it comes to women, I feel like it’s pushing a toxic stereotype.”

Jennifer’s Body” flips the script of the overdone horror trope of a man stalking and preying on conventionally attractive teenage girls and returns the power to women. And what’s more empowering than eating men?

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