Music Artist of the Week


@pinkpantheress on Instagram.

Zoe Norberg (Any Pronouns) 9th, Staffer

This week’s top music artist is PinkPantheress.

PinkPantheress, born in Bath, England 2001, became popular off of TikTok with her hit single, “Pain” which set her popularity. Lots of controversies came her way when she started catching people’s attention. Her music is solely based on remixing and vocals, so typically, she uses samples for her beats and background sound.

Her latest release, “I must apologize” had been in the making for months before coming out. A snippet of her song was released, and it immediately topped the charts on Tiktok.

Though her popularity came from Tiktok, she gained a large following of 500k on Instagram after her next single, “Break It Off” received popularity, breaking charts on music lists.

“Her voice is… unique and calming,” Dariyana Srey, a freshman here at Mariner, says. “She helps me when I’m studying and when I’m cleaning the house.” Srey says.

Next week we will be covering Frank Ocean, an American singer, and songwriter.