Missing Time: How COVID’s Affected Students Without COVID


Benny Moennondsee, Staffer

Here we were in our class, learning about history and how the Native Americans had impacted us. The teachers had informed us that we would cancel a week of school because of the spread of COVID-19 in 

Mariner High School. It went from one week off to two weeks to never coming back for a whole year.

Mariner High School had decided to go to online learning because of our school’s increase in COVID cases. This had emotionally stressed some students in Mariner High School.

Fast forward to the 2021-2022 school year. Although having no symptoms but in close contact, some students are now being sent home to quarantine for weeks at a time. When students are sent home to quarantine, they miss out on sometimes crucial assignments.  Students are frustrated and stressed due to assignments they don’t understand. Students also have to seek time to take their tests, as well as the teachers. This is also quite frustrating for the teachers because they would have to extend the due date for absent students.

When students are asked to quarantine, they often take a covid test to see if they contracted the virus. Even when the student’s results have been negative, the nurse suggests the students stay quarantined for the entire two weeks. Although the doctor states that it would be ok to return to school two to three days after the results have come back negative.

A student at Mariner High School states that while being quarantined, they miss out on many assignments. This student said that it’s challenging to catch up with the class when you’re two weeks behind. The teachers should post all assignments online and sources that are needed for them.

Students having to keep themselves away from people seems to lead to some depression and put some students in an unstable mental state. Loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking; this would lead to unfinished work. This would also lead to depression and loss of motivation in the students. Some students have lost motivation to keep going, and this pandemic has impacted most, if not all, teens in some detrimental way. During the pandemic, the depression and anxiety rates have increased. 

Another student from Mariner High School states that he has been doing more drugs than usual due to the ongoing stress he is going through. He also said that he’s going through family issues and is busy with work. Students should get all the help they need, especially when they have been absent for several weeks. These due dates for assignments are significant, but it impacts the way the students learn.