Self Driving Cars and the Future Ahead


Daniyal Sundetov (he/they) 9th grade, Artist

A lot of people still believe that self-driving cars are a work of the future and wouldn’t be possible in their lifetime. While on the other side Elon Musk and his brand Tesla™ have been in news a lot for the last few years because they’ve found a way to semi-automate the process of self-driving cars, the thing that stops the dream of it becomes fully automated from becoming a reality is the randomness of the world around. The recklessness of other drivers and walkers nearby is one of the biggest complications.

Many things will happen that will affect the world we know today, yet there is a lot of things that could be expected with certainty; traffic lights and stop signs could be deemed completely useless since cars would be able to communicate with others decreasing the rate of car accidents up to 90%.

“It would be cool to be able to get to my friend’s house and, actually have conversations with others.” says Caylee Marshals, a Junior.”It’s a chance I’m here for.” Another change that will happen is that the technology that is created for self-driving cars could be used with no use of gasoline or other toxin-producing chemicals. Slowing down much of the pollution produced in the air today. Still, a lot of people aren’t on board with the thought of self-driving cars.

Like Ethan Behlen, a sophomore who says “There are just so many things that could go wrong.” Like Behlen, there are people concerned about their safety as walkers. After all, walkers get affected as much as the people in the cars. As stated before traffic lights and stop signs might not even exist, how would a person continue getting home with no way of crossing the street. There are flaws in future predictions. But it is guaranteed that there is at least some sort of solution out there.

“How would they even change the world?” Behlen said. Yet there are so many possibilities they can unlock for us as a community and the world as a whole. There can be so many pros and cons of self-driving cars, on one hand, taxis, busses, or those in the trucking industry could be losing their job due to the ability to do that remotely and automatically making their jobs practically ineffective.  Yet on another, it will help prevent climate change and unlock more possibilities in the engineering businesses, self-driving cars are a controversial topic to debate, it could be our future and unlock many opportunities for us as a whole. It’s a work of a future but a very near future.