Congratulations Sno-Isle Food Co-op!

Congratulations Sno-Isle Food Co-op!

Yazmin Latino (She/Her), Section Editor

This upcoming spring of 2022, the Sno-Isle Food Co-op will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. The grocery store was founded in 1997, located in downtown Everett, on the corner of Grand and California street, and has been serving the Snohomish county since.  Sno-Isle Food Co-op specializes in the sales of natural-based products and food, such as organic meat, dairy, produce, health products, and more. Being open for 25 years is a significant community accomplishment that deserves recognition! With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, clearly, Sno-Isle is doing something right.

Sno-Isle Food Co-op serves as a democratic grocery store and encourages customers to give feedback and voice their opinions about their experiences. Sno Isle is constantly searching for ways to better the store and its environment. Along with minimal grocery shopping, customers have the opportunity to shop in bulk.  The website also offers scheduled visits for those who want an in-depth tour of the store.

Unlike most grocery stores, Sno-Isle has a board of trustees consisting of 9 members who are elected annually to run the store; there is no designated CEO. These nine members are responsible for the financial stability of the store, such as the income of the memberships it offers. At $100 a month, you can become a store member yourself! Sno-Isle offers as little as $5 increments for those who are unable to maintain the original price. They ensure this store is accessible to all, leaving not one customer excluded from the benefits of organic food and products.

As a reward for being successful over such a long period of time, in 2018, the elected board of trustees began the consideration of either expanding the current location in Everett or creating a new one. It is still unknown and unofficial, but by the looks of it, it could be happening soon. With over 700+ great reviews and a great selection, Sno-Isle will undoubtedly excel in the expansion.