Z Haywood, Staff

Hello Marauders! This is Z, host of the school-wide art contest! Students of all grade levels will have the opportunity to create their own art pieces within the next few weeks to submit for a chance to win! The winners will have their art posted in the school newspaper!
This time around, the theme is new beginnings, seeing as we’re having a bit of a fresh start for these last few weeks of school! Students will have until May 27th to turn in their art! Please make sure the piece is school-appropriate and fits the theme! Digital and traditional art are welcome; make sure it can be seen clearly in the images sent. There will be multiple winners—one for each grade level, an overall schoolwide winner, and a few mystery categories as well.
Please submit your art to [email protected] along with your name, grade level, and a title for your piece! Feel free to leave a link or @ for any art accounts you would want to plug so that we can promote artists around the school! Good luck with your pieces! I personally can’t wait to see all of the art you guys are gonna make!

I spoke with Mr. DuChesne about the art competitions. In the past, we have had art competitions once a year hosted by the art teachers, which were all traditional art. The art was voted on by both students and members of the community. DuChesne showed me some of the art from previous competitions he had on display in his office. He talked to me about how art is an important part of our school and how talented some students and teachers are. He says he would support more frequent art competitions throughout the year, stating that having competitions for heritage months or
holidays would be a good way to display students’ culture through art. He is excited to see all of the artwork submitted and help be a judge for this competition, and he looks forward to many more in the future!