Fashion of the Week

1990s & 2000s fashion trends have been making a comeback and they’re coming in Hot!

Fashion of the Week

Ariana Cesena, Staff

 I’m pretty sure not all of us were around to experience these fashionable times. Yes, most of us were born in the early 2000s, but I’m pretty sure your parents didn’t dress you like known icons Christina Aguilar, TLC, and our angel Aaliyah. To make up for that era missed, many of the trends are coming back not as iconic as their original time but still effective and fun to see people show out (friendly reminder that the clothes we wear to contribute to this fashion era were inspired and brought by black culture.)

In this weekly fashion update, I want to specify one fashion look at a time and then proceed to move on to other trends throughout the decades.

Some of the clothing you still see today would be the iconic baggy pants and small or oversized tops. Aaliyah was always rocking this. She was the style maven of this look. This look can sound simple, but when pulled together with proper color schemes and accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry and when tops have their own unique pattern or print, the outfit is brought out 10x more. To achieve this look, stay around these clothing factors:

  • Men’s Baggy pants from anywhere (even your dad’s closet)

Pricing: These can be found on Amazon from a price range of $15-30 and above.


  • Small Or Oversized Tees

You can easily crop a tank top at home (customize it for more pop)

A good alternative for this can be a cute bralette or bikini top

(If you’re not into small tops, any oversized graphic or plain t-shirt will do)

Pricing: Tank tops can be found at most stores.

Graphic tees range from $8-25

(To help with less exposure u can add an oversized jacket that color coordinates with your shirt and pants)


  • Sunglasses: Rimless rectangle or rimless shield sunglasses

Pricing: Amazon has a price range of 12-20 dollars at most


If pricing is out of your budget, some Alternative suggestions I personally shop at: Walmart, Value Village, Goodwill, Hot topic(many sales)

Top all these things off with any jewelry, and you’re ready to strut the streets with a new look! You can send your contribution to these looks and have a chance to be best dressed of the week. Good luck!!