Mariners Girls Soccer Team

Jennifer Valeriano Rumbo, Staffer

The mariner girl soccer team has come a long way and has helped many girls who joined
throughout the season. I had the opportunity to interview two girls on the mariner girls’ soccer team named Jay Jimenez and Valeria Flores and receive a perspective of what has happened to them ever since playing for the team.
Valeria Flores, a Junior at Mariner High School, said she plays soccer and does track for school. Meanwhile, Jay Jimenez, a Senior at Mariner High School, said she joined the team her first year and continued to what is now her senior year. They both have had different experiences while playing soccer.
Jimenez replied that this was her last year and that it was one of her best years as well; she even said she enjoyed being on the team; it really helped her out a lot. She continued saying that it helped her out college-wise and that many colleges noticed her, and she said it especially helped her out emotionally and distracted her from things. She loved playing with Mariner. She continued saying, “we didn’t win. We know, and we tried our best, and to ourselves we did good.” and responded towards the end with, “This was our best year.”
Flores said the best part of the sport was learning communication and skills but, most importantly, staying fit. She said that being on the Mariner Team was extremely rewarding because no matter what the score is on a game, we can always count on each other and try our best and work through our struggles together.
The Mariner Girls High School Team started late this year; however, many girls continue to join the team and continue to thrive and have many opportunities even with a late start. Many girls continue to be a part of the team, and many leave but even with the loss of seniors, they always receive many more in the upcoming year.