COVID-19 related hate crimes on the rise against Asians


Sampson Henderson, Staffer

An elderly Thai immigrant dies after being shoved to the ground. A Filipino-
American is cut in the face with a box cutter. A Chinese woman is slapped and set
on fire.
These are just examples of violent Asian hate crimes in the U.S., a surge of abuse since
the start of the pandemic in 2020.
There have been thousands of reported cases in the last few months, ranging from
being spat on to being set on fire.
Advocates say these are hate crimes and linked to rhetoric that blames Asians for the
spread of COVID-19.
This was predicted by the FBI, who stated that hate crimes would probably rise during
the COVID-19 pandemic.
In late 2020, the U.N. issued a report that detailed “an alarming level” of racially
motivated violence against Asian Americans.
It’s difficult to determine exact numbers because it has not been tracked long-term, and
reporting standards differ from region to region.
Governor Jay Inslee abhors this. He released a statement on March 9, 2021, stating
that all people in Washington should feel safe, that he doesn’t tolerate these crimes, and
that even though there’s a working vaccine, there has been an uprising of racial hate
crimes in Washington. He also said that the victims deserve support and justice and
that there are systems to deal with perpetrators of these hate crimes. He
encourages victims to report their experiences.
Despite laws against racial hate crimes in Washington, people have continually
discriminated against in restaurants, grocery stores, and even on the street.
This needs to stop.
The Asian American community is just as much a victim of this pandemic as the rest of
us. They have no control over it, and they’re doing all they can to prevent the spread of
COVID-19. The same cannot be said for many white people.
The actions of the Asian community did not solely cause COVID-19. Just because
the virus mainly came from China does not mean that it’s their fault. They are victims of
this virus, not perpetrators.
Let us all work together to end racial hate crimes.
Signing off,
Sampson Henderson.