Phones in School…But really.

Blake Szabo, Staffer

Could students using their phones in class cause them to be less focused and therefore
be less productive?
Well, yes and no, for the right reasons, students should be allowed to use their phones in
class in case of an emergency or if they need to do something on it that they forgot to do earlier, but if they are just on it to be on it, then that’s not okay, and they need to be paying attention.
Students are always on their phones in school and zoom calls; this is what some of my
friends and family think about the matter.
Now when talking to some students about this matter, these are some of the questions I asked.
Why could students using their phones in class be non-beneficial? One student replied,
“Because it could cause students not to have their full focus on what the teacher is trying to
explain to them and cause them to be less engaged.” and then I followed up by asking if
students should be allowed to use their phones in class and the answers were almost the same.
Most students said something along the lines of yes, but only for the right reasons. For example, if a family member is calling you, the student should have every right to answer the phone without the fear of it being taken away. That answer leads me to my next question.

Do you think teachers should be allowed to take a student’s phone when she/he is on it? The answers I got were all over the board, but it seemed like most of the students agreed that teachers should not be allowed to take students’ phones because it’s their property; instead, the teacher could ask the student to stay off it and listen to the class and what they are saying. Some people are extremely upset about the phone policy at Mariner because it seems like Some teachers there have it in their head that they need to take as many phones as they can, and others don’t care.

I feel like there needs to be a more robust understanding between teachers and the school rules, or they need to enforce the rules and follow them or get rid of the rules altogether and ask that students don’t use their phones in class it’s respectful. Some teachers even believe that students should even have their cell phones on them at all, but most students agree that taking this privilege away would not be a good idea in the case of an emergency.

When touching on zoom and asking how students feel about other students not paying attention and being on their phones, most students said that if you are in class, regardless of how and where you should be paying attention and not goofing around on your phone. Now when asked if their phones were impacting their grades, all of the people I asked said that, if anything, their phone has improved their grades because it’s a quick source for an answer.

And finally, the last question I asked these students was, how do you feel about zoom calls and students not turning on their cameras? Now, this is the general response I got. They aren’t sure how to think about it, but if a teacher requires students to turn on their camera, they should.