The Dos and Don’ts of Quarentine

The Dos and Don'ts of Quarentine

Melanie Cortes-Perulero, Staffer

I think it is safe to say quarantine has been rough on all of us at one point or another. It is crazy how rapidly time flew. Can you believe it has been almost a year since our ‘ 2-week break’ back in March when covid changed our lives unexpectedly? At the moment, all of us were happy about our ‘break,’ but little did we know what a heck of a ride we
were in for.
From my personal quarantine experience, I have had a couple of cases of making silly, impulsive choices, such as cutting my hair at home. However, I know that I am not alone making this mistake since there are several viral videos on the media such as TikTok and youtube of people doing the same thing. Funny how quarantine has made impulsively cutting/dying your own hair a trend. In the end, this is something that I would not recommend trying at home, lol. Results may vary from great to horrible, so when it
comes to your precious hair, only let a professional touch it for your own sake!
Another huge thing that people should NOT do is buy all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc., to the point where the supply runs out. This is completely unnecessary since
grocery stores are essential, so obviously, they will not close.

One of my past teachers, Mr. Byeman, shared a funny experience that happened to him in the early stage of the pandemic where he almost ran out of toilet paper and could not find it anywhere! He later told his mom about this, who lives in Oregon. The next day he received a FedEx package that had toilet paper sent from his mom! He said that it was “Probably one of the silliest things I’ve ever received in the mail, and I’m sure the shipping cost 4x more
than the actual contents.” This shows to what extent some people have to go through thanks to people overreacting in a pandemic!
During our current pandemic, we are forced to wear masks basically everywhere we go. Which, of course, is something that I’m all for! However, many people tend to forget to carry a mask with them at all times, which means they are not permitted to enter any stores. For
example, Mr.Kalmbach shared with me his experience where he would accidentally forget to bring a mask from home to the grocery store. ‘You just feel so helpless without a mask.
So now I always keep a few disposable masks in my car just in case!’ This is something that I believe we all should do since it can be easy to forget our masks at home, and carrying extra masks with you can really help you out!
One hobby that I began during quarantine and has impacted my overall life and mental health is running/working out. I used to hate cardio, but I live right by a school with a track field, so I was like, why not? After all, the gyms closed for months at a time during quarantine.

Mrs. De La Cruz also recommends enjoying the outdoors to give your eyes a break from screens. Her tips are to ‘Take time to rest your eyes from screen time and take
breaks outside and enjoy some fresh air.’ I definitely recommend engaging in any exercise during these times to keep you sane. It is easy to get caught up staying at home and forgetting to exercise daily. At the end of the day, the more you avoid going out in public, the better for everyone!.
But also, since quarantine has given us plenty of time for self-care, I recommend doing whatever relaxes you, such a painting, reading, or even binge-watching Netflix! Ms. De La
Cruz even recommends “Owning a pair or more of comfortable sweats” since you will be wearing more loungewear than usual.