Athlete of the Month: Henry Avra


Cheick Toure, Writer

Henry Avra is a junior on the boys’ basketball team for Mariner High school. Avra is leading his team in scoring with an average of 20 points per game. Avra says that he prepares for every game by meditating, relaxing, and eating good healthy food. He was also nominated for First Team All-Wesco because of his Incredible skill and dominance on the court. One of Henry’s teammates [Simon Fanuel] says Avra is “one of the hardest working people on their team, and they wouldn’t have been as good if they didn’t have him.”

According to Avra, this is his third year playing for Mariner, “I’ve been playing basketball ever since I was young. I love to play the game of basketball. I love it so much it is a lot more than just a game to me”.

Avra also used to play a little bit of football when he was growing up, but nothing could ever compare to basketball.

Avra said his favorite thing about basketball is, “The thing I like most about basketball is competing with others to get on top regardless if there are your friends and scoring the basketball.”

Avra plays the post position but he can also shoot the ball as well as dribble. He is a threat on the court, and he is a perfect role model on and off the court as he maintains good grades.