Album Review: Rare — Selena Gomez


Ryan Lewis, Assistant Editor

Pop music has become more and more obsolete in the battlefield of popular music today. With the rise of Hip-hop music, what is mainstream has slipped further away than just whatever may be topping the Billboard charts’ Top 10 at the moment. This shift in the industry of enjoyment has caused many pop artists to try to migrate into new genres.

Selena Gomez, one of the few rising pop artists in the last decade, has cemented her artistry with Rare, a personal and emotionally charged 13-track album. In a comeback effort four years after her Sophomore album Revival, Gomez delivers a more mature and vulnerable record to the shelves of stores.

Though there is a considerable growth present with this album, it seems to be hindered by inconsistency. “Lose You To Love Me,” the album’s breakout first single, follows Gomez’s real-life breakup with a long-time relationship partner, Justin Bieber. This contrasts with the more mediocre “Ring” or “Dance Again”, songs more reminiscent of her previous album, being on the final tracklist. Though both of these songs have something enjoyable about them, it still convinces me that she needs improvement with what direction she wants to take her career for the next few years and decades onwards.

Minimal features appeared on this album, like her previous endeavor. Rapper and R&B artists Kid Cudi and 6lack both appeared on tracks with the pop artist, “A Sweeter Place,” and “Crowded Room.” respectively. Both of these tracks become obvious standouts, even though Gomez’s effort on this project.

Selena Gomez seems to be improving, but overall, Rare falls short from what she could really achieve.

Rating: 5/10