MLK Assembly


MLK day is a significant holiday for Mariner High School. It brings the school together for their annual MLK assembly. The MLK assembly in Mariner is the most important of the school year. The assembly is not a pep assembly, but students are expected to behave respectfully and enjoy the assembly. This year’s MLK assembly had a variety of performances from cultural dancing, student speeches, and singing, of course. The assembly was delayed one week because of the snow, but other than that, the assembly went according to plan. 

The assembly kicked off with Abito or “Abby” and her speech of what bothers her the most. She hates how “races from different countries are coming to America for a better future” but are seen as being evil and being told to go back where they came from. She shared that she wants everyone to get “past the faces of racism.” She also touched on  modern society and how she gets “mad that [people] follow [her] around stores, not mad because of slavery, not mad because of different water fountains,” she is mad that “100 years later and [were] still dreaming of that dream.” She ended her speech with a message to everyone, that we “have a job to do in the words of MLK my friends join me” to make the world a better place and happier place by achieving MLK’s dream.

Vietnamese dance came up next and what is there to say but amazing. The Vietnamese dance puts your mind at ease; the music and dance with the fixed fans made the mood relaxing. 

Stand by Me was sung in English/Spanish by Diana Ramirez after someone said that the “fight for civil rights is not black but also Latinos.”

To my Daughter, Beauty was a poem written by a student. The underlying message of the poem was towards her future daughter, Beauty. And that all though she may think her “dark skin is [her] ugliest feature” or she may think cause she’s black there’s something wrong with her. But that’s not true because she will be loved by the people who matter the most and see the beauty in you.

The pacific islander club danced. They explained how the money being tossed signified respect and appreciation. All the money would be donated to the Nicaragua library. 

Step team came up, and the energy went up the rhythm and how in sync they made the watching experience more enjoyable. The step team at Mariner brings a lot of positivity.

The assembly ended with the song Stand up as people from the crowd rose up and Middle schoolers from the area went to the gym floor with pictures of black icons as a final presentation of unity. A perfect ending to a powerful assembly.