Who Is Myhre? An Introspective Interview of the Prominent Teacher


Ryan Lewis, Assistant Editor

Tom Myhre, a ninth-grade physical science and ELL physical science teacher, recently celebrated another birthday while working at Mariner. The veteran staffer at the school sat down for an interview this past Friday to reflect on his career.

“Well, I have been at Mariner in some form for twenty-eight years. The first three years I was a coach. I coached football and track. And I started to teach here in 1995. I’ve taught ninth-grade science most of the time that I have been here,” Myhre said.

Myhre had other jobs at Mariner in his tenure. “I was dean of students, and I was also the assistant athletic director. I also coordinated the High School and Beyond Plan for three years, for Mariner High School.” This past September, he was given the opportunity to step back into the aforementioned position as a physical science teacher.

Myhre said that with his past position, he “missed having the one on one relationships with kids and talking about science with kids.” That, in combination with spending time with his own family, were factors that led him back to the classroom.

He looks at the positive side of his new position, for both him and his wife, Mrs. Simeone. “I’ll tell you what, she and I have both dedicated our lives to this building, Mariner High School, in a lot of ways. Because before I became the Dean and Assistant Athletic Director, I coached football here for twenty three years. I also coached track and was involved in wrestling. And at the same time, Sim did Drama, for twenty years. So we both just spent most of our personal time here at Mariner. And as we’ve gotten older, we’ve decided to spend a little more time together and with our family. And it was a coordinated idea to just take a step back because we would spend so many hours here and on our weekends. And the biggest difference is that we get to spend just a little more time with our family.”

Family is an integral part of his life. Mhyre talked about how he spent his birthday with his family. “We went out- my wife and I went out to eat, we went out to eat at a restaurant we visit frequently, Emory’s out in Silver Lake, and we just had some food. And it was just a relaxing time. You know, I’ve been around the sun a few times, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. The food was great. I think I had, potstickers and I think I had crab, and yeah, it was good.” He loves seafood! And he fishes during his spare time, fun fact.

As an encouragement for teenagers thinking about becoming scientists in the future, he said that you’re “Always learning new things [in science].. always discovering new things.”