Talent of the Month: Diego Arias


Diego Arias, a senior here at Mariner High School, has been drawing for 7 to 8 years and primarily draws “real life” drawings and commonly draws character design.

Diego finds drawing relaxing but that there are ways that can make a drawing difficult. There are still things that can stress an artist. One would be something called a “Creative Burn-out.” Similar to writer’s block, Creative Burn-out is where an artist begins to have a difficult time coming up with ideas. If this were to occur in an artist’s life, then it would be a catastrophe because they rely on their creativity to make money. Another thing he finds difficult is an artist’s perspective, which he describes as “the way that an artist looks at something.”

Nevertheless, Diego has aspirations of becoming an animator for Disney or Disney Pixar or just being able to live as an animator. He wants to specialize in 3D animation and says that his animation class at Sno-isle provides a lot of help for him to reach his goal.

Diego was inspired by a man named Akira Toriyama, who gained recognition from his manga series “Dr.Slump” but gained a lot of traction from his notorious “Dragon Ball” Series. Some argue that he is the “King of Manga.” It was Diego’s love for Dragon Ball that brought him to look up to Toriyama, and the inspirational start to his artistic journey.