Online v High School


David Gibson, Staffer

What are the advantages of going to school? The answer seems obvious, right? Maybe it’s to further your education and build up a GPA that would take you to a good college and a good-paying job. Or perhaps you’re just a kid who was told by their parents to go to school. Either way, the argument coming across many parents and students’ minds is online schooling. Should we move more towards online High School? Or should we stick to the tradition of going to public or private high schools such as Mariner?

With online high school becoming more popular, it seems that students of different backgrounds try online schooling. gives more detail into the topic, stating that in 2009-2010 there were 1.5 students; in about four years, there has been about an 80% increase, and about 75% of the US districts offer an online course.

Anton Pankevich, a former Mariner student, is now enrolled in Online High School. He said, “The reason I converted to being a [online] high school student is that I wanted more time in my day to focus on my hobbies and passions. Being able to work at my own pace in online school allows me to finish my work quicker than in a regular high school and focus on the things I want to accomplish.”

What are the benefits of being in a public high school? Well, Anton mentions that. “The only disadvantage I’ve experienced while being an online student is not having a teacher to talk to in real-time. This can be slightly annoying when I’m trying to understand something and have to wait an hour or two for my teacher to email me back an answer.”

Going to a public high school allows the student to get more of a face to face response that is immediate. Allowing the student to ask questions during a class and get an answer quickly.

The difference between online high school in Anton’s eyes is, “Being able to work ahead on assignments while most classes in regular high school don’t even give you tomorrow’s work. The assignments are more structured in most of my classes, meaning even though the assignments are different each time, they follow a very similar format.”

Another benefit that Anton mentions is, “being able to start school at a later time and not being forced to wake up too early. Also, Saving time in your day by being able to finish assignments at your own pace.” He follows up with, “I think most of the online courses are easier because you can skip through the information that you already know and get assignments done faster. Some classes, such as math, may not be as easy for some people because you have to read and learn all the new concepts on your own.”

Overall, Anton says that he would only recommend the online high school to people who find no challenge in public high schools, or if they hate waking up so early.

Anton enrolled in online courses by looking up free Washington State online schools and will receive a digital diploma. If he’d like, he can ask for a physical one from the school.