Rhonda Marquardt and the Nicaragua Library

Gabriela Castaneda, Staffer


Rhonda Marquardt is an Algebra 1 and 2 teacher at Mariner High School. Not only that, but she is also a person who advocates for the less fortunate. Marquardt does volunteer work to, hopefully, make a change in the lives of those who do not have basic life essentials, such as clean water and food. 


By traveling around the world to third world countries, Marquardt hopes to bring a positive change to impoverished children and their communities. 


“I know I am only one person, but I am a person with a voice who is able to, hopefully, inspire others into joining my cause,” says Marquardt. 


Because of Marquardt’s drive for change in the world, specifically for better educational systems in other countries, she had a dream that would later become a reality. 


The Mariner Nicaragua Library. 


This library is more than a library; it’s a new opportunity. ”For children in central Nicaragua, education is very hard to receive just because of the logistics of getting to school and then having time to go to school, as many younger kids living a life of poverty have to work to help maintain their families.”  


The Nicaragua library also acts as a “Kids Club” for the children of the province to attend before classes to learn, interact with other children, and read.” 


In the US, attending school and having a pre-secondary education is the law. However, in many third world countries, children must work at a very young age to be able to help their parents pay for their next meal. Education is also very sparse, with the literacy rate of Nicaraguans being lower than twenty percent. 


When Marquardt decided that change needed to be made for the better of these children in Nicaragua, she set off to hold fundraisers and book donations. Those fundraisers helped for when she finally went to Nicaragua in November of 2019, she was able to help with gathering knowledge and teaching, not only the labor aspect of building a library.