Mariner’s Math Teacher: Joshua Kwon


Valerie Diep, Staffer

Math teacher Joshua Kwon is an interestingly well-rounded individual. In addition to his teaching profession, his life is filled with many other hobbies and activities.

He has taught for six years and isn’t planning to quit very soon, saying that he likes his job here at Mariner. Despite teaching both algebra and AP Calculus and clearly displaying a dexterity in the subject, math was not his initial interest to teach.

“My ninth-grade teacher kind of motivated me to become a math teacher anyway, so that’s where the idea started. I actually wanted to do science in the beginning, or something more interesting like life skills or something career-relating, or coding.”

Kwon stated that he enjoys working with struggling students and that he cares more about the culture than math itself.

“I realized that the ‘gatekeeper’ for a lot of the graduation requirements is math, especially for the freshmen. It’s really geared towards student success. That’s why I chose math because I want them to graduate.”

When you’re a student in his class, you’ll have the chance to download a specialized app made by him to make your life somewhat easier to manage (at least in your math class). There, he shares answer keys to reviews, the daily homework assignments, videos to help you understand how to solve problems, a chat room to contact Kwon when needed, among many other functions.

“It’s an easy access for students. It’s like a classroom on your phone, so if I need to contact a student, it’s easy to contact… But if the student needs to know the homework assignment, they can just check on the app… Just everything you need to know is on there.”

On the app, Kwon shares some of his personal experiences like his traveling to new places like Alaska or Switzerland, with his students.

“I travel pretty much once or twice a year…I think Switzerland was amazing. I would recommend Switzerland because of the alps and the nature is just astounding, but I’m actually planning to go to Korea this summer… It’s been a while since I’ve been there. It’s been like four, five years. Going back there to my motherland.”

Another interesting fact about Kwon is that he also works at a restaurant. Kwon explains that it’s “more like a hobby. It’s not really my full-time [job] there… I don’t really manage, I just do a lot of marketing, the detailed work, but I don’t have to be there day-to-day, but I do go just because I can. But if I can’t do it, I just don’t go, so it’s not a big deal.”

Even with the extra side job in addition to teaching full-time at Mariner, Kwon is still composed and organized, at least from what we’ve seen.

“It’s like an extra side thing. Sometimes you get bored, and you want to do something extra, something that’s not education-related, more business maybe. It kind of adds towards [the] skills that I have.”

On top of managing the marketing of a restaurant, he’s also involved in play production. He volunteers to direct over the summer and work with young children.

“Not a lot of people know this one, but I actually do a lot of play production, theater production. I have my little actors, and we do a lot of children’s theater.”

Kwon is an impressively multi-dimensional person. Not only is he a teacher that leads students to success, but also a person who takes an interest in business enjoys his time traveling, and has a passion for play production. He’s a good example of how there is so much more to your teacher than merely teaching.