History of the Stinky Shoe Game


Gabriela Castaneda, Staffer

The Stinky Shoe game is one of the most celebrated traditions at Mariner High School. It is also one of the most popular and well-known events throughout the MHS alumni. 


Mariner Marauders celebrate this occasion with great pride, yet many students new to the school may be confused as to what the stinky shoe game is, what it represents, and how it impacts our community.


“The stinky shoe game is a game that is played annually against Kamiak, where we are in [a] competition to see who has the most spirit and the best crowd, as well as who was the better basketball team in general,” says the Boys Basketball assistant coach, Nick Angelos. 


The reason why the Stinky Shoe Game is so imperative to Mariner traditions is that the game acts not only as a spirit competition between both schools but also as a way to raise money for a charity, upon which both schools choose. 


But how can MHS win? 


There are three games that take place on the Stinky Shoe Game, Girls Junior Varsity, Girls Varsity, and Boys Varsity. Each school earns points by winning those games. There is also a multitude of spirit section events that also earn points for each school. 


The question remains, though, what is the Stinky Shoe trophy? 


In actuality, you are more than likely to have seen the physical trophy sitting in the trophy case outside of the Leadership room at the west-end of the school. The trophy is a gold basketball shoe, which once belonged to the infamous PE teacher and former basketball coach, Dexter Griffen. 


Because MHS is so spirit oriented, it is no doubt that Mariner Marauders will be cheering this year at Kamiak to ensure the trophy stays at Mariner.