What to Expect in 2020


Ryan Lewis, Assistant Editor

The roaring twenties have arrived, and there seems to be much anticipation for the new year. From technology, television, movies, video games, music, special events, and so much more, makes 2020 an easy year so much can be looked forward to. Here is a list of some upcoming events for the new year.

Mulan: The Live-Action Film Adaption
Reboots, reimaginations, and remakes are guaranteed breadwinners nowadays for the Hollywood film industry. While some of these re-creations settle reasonably well in this market, others tank and widely fracture the legacy of original works. This year, Disney is planning on releasing the live-action adaption of the 1998 classic animated movie Mulan. And with a March 2020 release date already scheduled for this generally favored iGeneration childhood film, people are just anxiously awaiting for its release.

The United Kingdom is expected to leave the European Union by the end of this month. European Union (shorten as EU), is the economic and political union of all European nations. With the country expected to leave the union, it will be one memorable and historical event for the whole world to witness. According to BBC, “leave won by 52% to 48%,” in a public vote on whether the country should or shouldn’t stay in the union.

XBOX Series X and PS5
Video game connoisseurs will have a field day this autumn, as two of the biggest companies (Microsoft and Sony) are expected to release the successor consoles to both the Xbox One and Playstation 4. These consoles, Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 (PS5) are scheduled for the holiday season to be packaged, shipped, and sold this year. And best believe that these two products will be fought for on Black Friday between a bunch of parents!

Kendrick Lamar ‘Rock’ Inspired Album
In the music industry, there is only one genre that is undeniably topping the charts, hip-hop. As the 2010’s rose hip-hop up as the most influential and widely listened to genre of music nationally and internationally, many artists outside of the rap music genre, have gravitated to trying their hand at changing the sound of their music. However, within hip-hop, one of the most prominent artists of the genre is looking for a new outlet. Kendrick Lamar is expected to release a rock-inspired album sometime this year. According to Billboard columnist and former editorial director, Bill Werde, took to Twitter recently to reveal that Lamar’s latest project is “pulling in more rock sounds.”

US Presidential Elections
It is unclear what will be the result of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that is currently taking place right now. As we have only had two previous impeachment trials in the United States before, it is unclear if Trump will be ousted from office or settle in for the rest of his term. What we do know about the elections, though, is that they are happening, regardless. With the Democratic debates getting more intense, this fall election will be anything but boring when we that ballots are cast.