Staff Talent Of The Month: George Burnett


Emmanuel Barriga Gonzalez Rey, Staffer

George Burnett, Mariner’s Resource officer, is more than just a cop. He has had a variety of interests and responsibilities. Before moving to Washington from Florida, he had a successful career as a detective.

As a detective, Burnett handled sensitive and sometimes disturbing issues. On top of that, he had to do extensive training, accomplishing a whopping 720 hours at the Police Academy. With all of this responsibility, Burnett needed a healthy outlet.

One of Burnett’s favorite hobbies is playing the guitar. According to Burnett, he has played the guitar ever since he was in middle school. 

“My first time I grabbed a guitar was around 8th grade,” Burnett explained. However, he found that he was uninterested in it. For a few years, he didn’t pick it up again, but in his senior year, he became curious.

He practiced more and more, and when he was confident about his skills, he started to take guitar lessons. He gradually became more serious and started to invest time in music classes and practice in his daily life. 

After he developed his skills, he even played in a band. All of these experiences allowed him to hone his skills and invest in his passion. The guitar is his favorite instrument and is definitely the one he is most interested in.

Although he’s most interested in playing the guitar, he also said that he would want to try with other instruments like the banjo and the mandolin. He expressed this interest because of their similarity to the guitar.

In the past, he played the piano, but he didn’t have much choice in the matter. He grew to resent the instrument and later quit. Thankfully, this experience didn’t put a damper on his passion for music overall.

He still loves to perform.  He prefers to share his passion with others by simply playing for himself. Recently he performed for the school with teachers Kevin Sutton and Rob Storrs. “I had a lot of fun. I loved to hear the audience cheer,” Burnett said.

Burnett also added that he and Mr. Storrs recorded the songs they’ve made. This effort shows his pure dedication to the art.

In both his career and his hobby, he has shown dedication, passion, and enthusiasm. He stands out in every field he’s interested in because he’s hardworking. There is a lot to appreciate about Burnett that students don’t always see.