Better food in Mariner?


Angela Cruz, Photographer

In Mariner, during school, every school must have lunch to eat to gain energy to stay focus for the rest of the school day.

    The food students needs are vegetables, fruits, protein, and dairy those are all very important for everyone to keep in their diet, Schools are required to give out certain food to students, however most of the food aren’t the best choice to give out during lunch time, for example, a pizza with an orange and some milk together, that doesn’t seem nice to eat, what would be better is a sandwich with some vegetables and maybe some grapes aside, it would also be better if the school lunch gave out fresh food everyday, now that could be better, although it could be expensive to buy fresh food everyday for every single student, that would mean the school would run out of money very quickly, if that ever happened it would mean that students won’t be able to have free food, instead they will be required to buy their food or have food from home, this might not be a problem for others, but some students don’t have enough money to buy lunch from school or take lunch from home.

    A student from Mariner High School in her freshman year name Aileen Leon Cardenas, says, ”I think Mariner doesn’t really need better food but better quality of it such as most of the time ‘Chinese food’ is just plain spaghetti noodles, or the burgers are weird and taste like plastic.” Meaning maybe Mariner should start making their food look decent and not where it just came out of a homeless shelter or something. But what if Mariner started giving out good food will it be fair if students started to pay? “If Mariner does have better food then it should stay the same as always free and ale for students.”

Even if mariner did actually started to give out fresh food, it showed always be able to students in order to be focused in class.