Student Struggles: January Blues


Raul Ramirez Sanchez

January is the time of year where students are trying to raise their grades at the last minute. The students are looking for any missing assignments they can use to turn in for the extra points. They are checking their grades every other minute, every additional hour, for that two percent increase.

Snow days scrambled any extra time in January. The possibility of school getting canceled is in the back of every student’s mind. They are still used to that winter break life wanting to go back to it. Struggling to recuperate that student life they lost over the break.

But the real problem with January is the final days of the month since it consists of finals. And for the most part, every student dislikes the finals. But there are those students who see finals as there last hope to raise their grades and pass the semester. But there’s also the possibility of failure which many students fear. Freshman soon to experience their first High School final.