Talent of the Month: Kyla Ojalehto


David Gibson, Staffer

Kyla Ojalehto is a full-fledged Mariner senior, being here for all four years, and her talent is singing along with playing a guitar or ukulele. Fun fact, Kyla’s favorite ice cream flavor is Hazed and Confused. Which is an uncommon or common flavor? That has been debated on different websites.

Kyla says that her favorite instrument to accompany her singing was the guitar. She says, “because the guitar produces a more vibrant sound.” Although she prefers guitar, she also enjoys the mobility that the ukulele brings.

There are many different music genres available; sometimes, it’s hard for someone to really establish their category their favorite. That’s why Kyla sat on the subject a little longer than expected. She said that she enjoys listening to Indie/Alternative music for its relaxed and irregular aspects. This is shown by her favorite artists such as Cage the Elephant, Vance Joy, and Lana Del Rey (which she is, but she is also seen as a rock/ pop artist as well.)

What brought Kyla to music? Well, her uncle had given her a guitar, and for a while, it just sat there. It wasn’t until she was given a ukulele from her grandmother that she started learning. The ukulele was the start, and she eventually started to learn how to play and also began to learn the guitar through Youtube videos.

But every artist needs support. Kyla’s mom is that support. She would always ask for her to sing and play to her or sometimes catch Kyla singing by herself and would watch her play. Her advice for singers and musicians who want to post it on their social media but are unsure is, “Do it! There’s nothing to lose.”

She covers a variety of different songs ranging from her cover of Lana Del Rey’s song “Mariners Apartment Complex” to “Sunflower” by Post Malone all on her Instagram @kylaojalehto if you want to see some of her covers!