Top 10 Best Holiday Movies


Gabriela Castaneda, Staffer

Top 10 Best Holiday Movies 

The movies included in this Top 10 list are some of the most famously recognized films during the holiday season. They have received such high accolades because of the humor, commercial success, and cinematic advancements included in the films. All of the movies listed below are known as “The Classics” for Holiday movies. You should definitely take the time to watch a few of these movies, perhaps over winter break. 


“A Christmas Story”


“A Christmas Story,” made in 1983, is based over the writings of Jean Shepherd, a young boy, Ralphie Parker, spends most of his time avoiding a bully, whilst dreaming of his most desired Christmas present- a “Red Ryder air rifle.” He is also actively trying to avoid his cranky father (Darren McGavin) and being comforted by his mother (Melinda Dillon). All Ralphie is attempting to achieve is making it to Christmas day with his hopes intact. 




This cheery, unconventional story narrates the life of Buddy (Will Ferrel) a man who was accidentally transported to the north pole as an infant and believes he is one of Santa’s elves. He later learns he is not an elf but a regular human. Buddy then travels to New York in search of his father and a new home. On the way there he acquires a love interest and learns essentially the logistics of being a regular human. 


“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”


This intrinsic Holiday film is based over the original  “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” written by Dr Seuss, starring Jim Carrey as the infamous Grinch. The story takes place in Whoville where everyone is happy and jolly, especially around the holiday season. Because of the cheerfulness everyone seems to exude, the Grinch hates going into Whoville as he is very self deprecating and grumpy. The Grinch is infuriated by the mere thought of candy canes and Christmas trees. Because of this, the Grinch is inspired to steal Christmas presents, decorations, and anything exuding Christmas spirit in order to end this holiday once and for all. 


“Home Alone”


The main character, Kevin McCallister, a bratty young boy, throws a fit the very night before a family trip to Paris, and is forced to sleep in the attic. His entire family then leaves him behind, making his worst nightmare become a reality-not having a family. To top off the craziness, a pair of sneaky burglars attempt to rob Kevin’s house, so he decides to make an elaborate plan and set up snare traps around his house in hopes of defeating the “bad guys” once and for all.  


“The Polar Express”


This classic children’s film is based off of the writings of Chris Van Allsburg. The story tells of a 

Young boy who starts to doubt whether or not Santa Claus is real or not. He then takes a magical train ride to the north pole where it is promised that he will meet the infamous Santa Claus. This trek across the world takes the boy on a journey through self discovery, making him believe that anything is possible as long as he has faith.  


“Miracle on 34th Street” 


In this famously known Christmas tale, the protagonist, Kris Kringle fills in for a Santa Claus impersonator in the Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade. Because of his success in the parade, Kringle starts appearing regularly at a Macy’s store in Midtown Manhattan. Yet many spectators become frightened when Kringle starts saying that he is the real Santa Claus. This then leads to a court case in order to prove whether or not he is Santa Claus. 


“Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas” 


Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas is a holiday rendition of the notoriously popular “ Mickey and Friends” very well known to Walt Disney Productions. In the film, Mickey and his friends tell short stories all surrounding the Christmas season. These stories are surrounding family, love, and giving and are told through different perspectives. 


“Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” 


In this emphatically imperfect Christmas mess of a movie, Clark Griswold, or Chevy Chase, yearns to have a perfect Christmas with his family in the city of Chicago. It’s a race against time to finish decorating the house, baking gingerbread men, and wrapping presents. However, Clark’s family shows up unexpectedly in their camper, and his workers renege over the holiday bonus he needs. 

 It is a race against time to save the  Griswold family’s Christmas, unless Clark can save the holiday, for the sake of his children. 


“The Nightmare Before Christmas”


This riveting tale written by the beloved Tim Burton, follows the misadventures of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween-Town. Eventually Jack becomes tiresome of the same antics that have been made tradition in the town not only in the Halloween season, but yearly. He then goes on an adventure to find inspiration to renew the festivities of the town. Along the way, Jack finds a magical door, leading to Christmas Town. From there, many things start to spiral out of control, including the very meaning of Christmas. 


“The Santa Clause” 


After Scott (Tim Allen) accidentally kills a Santa impersonator, him and his son are magically transported to to the North Pole, where one of Santa’s elves explains to Scott that he must take over as Santa Clause, for this Christmas. He does not believe the elf until Scott starts gaining weight and growing white hair and a white beard. After a few days of denial, Scott must decide whether to continue living his normal life, or assuming the head position at the North Pole.