Student Struggles: The December Struggle


Raul Ramirez Sanchez, Staffer

December, the month of giving. December, the month with dark afternoons. The month with nonstop holiday music everywhere you go. December, the month where many students start to become zombies. December, the last month of the year, but all they can think about is those two weeks off from school. They struggle to roll out of bed when the sky is pitch black.  They open the door, and the cold winter air makes them want to go back inside. 

The last week of school before winter break is apparently a test week for many teachers. Students are turning into vampires from all-nighters they’ve been pulling. Coming to school with bags under their eyes and asked why they look so pale answering with a monotonic voice. But many students use winter break as a time to catch up on their missing assignments, or so they say. Do they though? The answer for most people is no they procrastinate every other day until the night before school starts again a cycle they can’t escape. 

How can we forget the most asked question in December. So many teachers or adults may ask what your going to do over winter break. But why do they all we, as students, get is a roll their eyes or stare with a disappointed face when a student says there going to sleep in. Students just want to enjoy these last few years of sleeping in before adulthood takes them away. Sorry that you guys have to wake up early every day to do your errands or go to work. Just let the students enjoy the last month of the year in peace and ending the year with a smile on their faces knowing that next month is going to be hell.