Angela Cruz, Photographer

Apophis is an asteroid that will be possibly coming on April 13, 2029, most likely it will hit the earth. The Asteroid is more known as ‘The God of Chaos.’

Paul Chodas discovered this theory in December of 2004. Paul Chodas is the Manager of the NASA NEO Program Office at JPL. He stated that the asteroid would stretch about 1,100 feet, and 340 meters, which can be pretty scary on the size itself, however, some scientists are pretty positive that it will not hit Earth. Instead, it’s a once in a lifetime chance for scientists to truly really understand about the asteroid near our home, Earth.

“The excitement is that an object this large comes this close about once per thousand years, so it’s all about, What’s the opportunity?” says Richard Binzel on April 30.

Richard Binzel, a planetary scientist at MIT, states once Apophis the Asteroid comes closer to earth, probably about 2 billion people should be able to see it pass by with their own very eyes (wow!)

However, what would happen if the asteroid does come to Earth? Where would be hit first, what would happen to everyone on earth?

Paul Chados states that the asteroid will come to earth within the speed of 3km per second, it will hit the earth with the force of 65,000 nukes, killing millions of people in seconds. It will most likely hit Asia, Africa, and Europe, or somewhere around there. Although scientists are almost positive Apophis won’t hit Earth in 2029, and, of course, scientists have a full ten years to plan before Apophis makes it even to the closest approach to our home known as earth, how can we stop it from hitting our only home?

    Well, NASA does have a plan ready for any other asteroid, if the asteroid is semi-close to earth, then NASA can just push it away with something or nuke it. If NASA decides to nuke it, detonate one more nuke close to approaching the rock, heating it up and vaporizing large portions, the resulting of mass loss would change the space roles trajectory. Blasting the asteroid with a very super laser will also have the same effect as the change of the space roles trajectory.

Although it might sound horrifying for others, a lot of scientists states it will not hit the earth; if you are still thinking about it or worrying about it, it’s better if you hang out with a friend to keep your mind off of it.