Friday the 13th

Kimberly Ramirez


There is a lot of myths surrounding the topic of Friday the 13th. Some people believe that it’s a day of bad luck, and others think differently. 

Many others have a phobia of that day; it’s also known as paraskavedekatriaphobia, meaning they are afraid of Friday the 13th, there is also a different phobia name friggatriskaidekaphobia meaning those people are scared of the number 13 which adds up to the unlucky day. (Try to pronounce that!)

 Some people believe it originated in the Bible,” Part of superstition surrounding Friday the 13th comes from the Christian Bible. During the Last Supper, there were 13 guests—Jesus and his 12 apostles, one of which, Judas, would eventually betray him.” Then after that, Jesus was crucified, and it took place on a Friday. 

Others think it’s because of an asteroid that apparently will be coming to earth in 2029. The asteroid is known as Apophis, is due to land on earth on April 13, 2020, and as you may guess, it is on a Friday. Apophis was discovered by Paul Chodas back in 2004 in December. He says that the chances of the asteroid hitting it are relatively low, 1-in-60 chance of colliding with Earth, but extra data has proved that it’ll miss us entirely. 

There have even been real-world stories on Friday the 13th, back in 1993, someone decided to investigate the bad run of Friday the 13th and checked out hospital rates on this day compared to the week earlier. “Astonishingly, the results published in the British Medical Journal in 1993, concluded there was a 52% increase in hospitalizations form automobile accidents on Friday the 13th compared to other dates. Their advice? Staying at home is recommended.”

Although all these myths involving around Friday the 13th, we don’t know quite know what actually causes this unlucky day. We also don’t really understand the true meaning of Friday the 13th. Do you think there is such a thing as Friday the 13th? There will actually be a Friday the 13 this December of 2019. Did you experience any unlucky situations happening that day?