Technology At Mariner City

Technology At Mariner City

Gabriela Castaneda, Staffer

Throughout Mariner’s history, the technology and software system has been tested, upgraded, and improved. Because of this, the world Mariner students now live in is on-demand as information can be supplied through numerous viewpoints. Although vast achievements have been made, especially with the yearly upgrades in Microsoft technology, there is still much improvement to be made, as tech at Mariner is nowhere near comparable to that of other schools in the Snohomish area. So then how are these issues being looked at to help the growing technology epidemic?

Technology, specifically in the Mukilteo School District, is a lot more progressive than in other districts. According to Amie Parker, Mukilteo Technology Integration Specialist, until recently, Mariner fell behind in the Tech department because of “how the administrators were trained, being all in Dell and Microsoft technology.”

Until recently, upgrades of technology used at Mariner, like the Flex cams, desktops, and Promethean Active Boards, the school looked like it’s tech was “stuck” in an era close to the late 90s and early two thousand. One could have argued that the level of technological disadvantages set the learning of students back as well. 


However, Parker argues that the current students at Mariner City has, “newly upgraded desktops and software, arguably more advanced than other schools in the districts.” Many staff members agree that the technology they have now, instead of being a hindering aspect, can be looked at as a positive towards socialization and face to face interaction. 


The technology system at Mariner is about to become even more modern as “online classes will soon ensue the school,” notes Stephanie Casino. She goes onto further explain the accelerating advancements that have already taken place in the classroom, like using systems similar to facetime (without the personal information) as a form of an online class. It is a more efficient way of learning and making up work because you are experiencing class firsthand. It is unclear how the attendance policy could be affected via virtual class participation. 

This could be a drawback to the idea of socialization and direct communication, which Mariner High is hoping to ingrain in their students.

Tech is everywhere, it’s up to Mariner City to be either progressive or the stagnant.