Mariner Library Before & After


Emmanuel Barriga Gonzalez Rey, Writer

Mariner High School was built almost 40 years ago. Since then, there have been many renovations to its original build. The library, the fixture of our school, is virtually unrecognizable from its initial creation. From the inside floorplan to its exterior, it has undergone many changes.

So what did the library look like in the 70s, one may ask? 

Mariner trophies and awards used to be housed right outside the library, where so many people now sit. It was shelved up and down the length of the hall. It was like Mariner’s very own mini hall of fame. In 1993 the trophies were moved to their current location near the gym.

The inside of the library was a whole different story altogether. Believe it or not, the library was two stories. There used to be a staircase inside the library that allowed movement from floor to floor. The staircase was a unique feature that, obviously, no longer exists.

Mariner Librarian Stephanie Wilson explained that the second floor wasn’t really “library.” She said, ”On the left top side of the library, there were the counseling offices and the newspaper class.” 

Structurally the library in the 70s didn’t have the wall that blocks the second floor (which is now mostly computer rooms) from the library. Instead, they had wood railings blocking the edge of the second floor.  

According to Wilson, the staircase in the library was taken down in 1993, as well. With the stairs taken down, the school decided to add a wall on the second floor so the students who would go and talk with their counselors could have more privacy. The library had a structure-specific modification in the 90s’ when the stairs were taken down. 

Another piece of the past that disappeared was the card catalogs. Wilson explained that Mariner’s library had no computers for the students to search for the books that they wanted. Students would have to go to the library’s catalog and search for the book that they wanted to read by title or author. 

Nowadays, instead of putting 5 or 10 minutes of our time to search in the catalogs for the books we want to read, we can just go in the computers and go in the libraries catalog online. 

With so many changes in the last 40 years, it’s interesting to think about what may still be in store.