Could You Not: Bathroom Blockers


Kya Nethercot, Editor in Chief

Disclaimer: This piece is meant for satirical purposes. As such, it does not represent the opinions of the newspaper holistically. This article also isn’t meant to be taken personally, but if the shoe fits… 


Dear Bathroom Blockers,


The next time that you think it’s a good idea to camp in front of the bathroom sink, could you not? I know this is high school, and you care what other people think about how you look, but I would really think much more highly of you if you weren’t so self-conscious that you felt the need to inconvenience everyone else. 

All it would take would be a single glance around the room to notice that everyone else is waiting on you. If you weren’t so busy looking in the mirror, watching yourself, you would know that. 

Sometimes, there’s an entire row of you blocking all three sinks, and at that point everyone waiting has to make a decision: “do I wait on them and risk being late, do I want to point it out and cause a dispute, or do I just want to give up and use hand sanitizer when I get back to class?”

This should not be my dilemma. 

Yes, those of you blocking the sinks may be bad, but the worst of you all are the body-mirror blockers. The body mirror is placed precisely where the line for the stalls usually starts. So, if you’re standing there looking at yourself, it leaves everyone else left to wonder if you’re in line or if you’re just standing there. Waiting to get into the stalls, only to find out that you’re not even in line, is infuriating. Not to mention, now we’re all going to be late. 

There are only about 5 minutes in passing period. In my experience, there is no way to navigate through the crowded halls to the bathroom, where I have to wait on a pack of females to do their makeup and fix their hair and then get to the next class on time. I am so tired of answering the question, “why are you late?” 

Why am I late? The bathroom blockers, that’s why. So please, next time, could you not?