Hopeful Season For Wrestling

Ryan Lewis, Assistant Editor

The season of winter is upon us! And the wrestling coaches at Mariner are getting ready to bring out the most potential in this year’s girls and boys wrestling teams.

Boys Wrestling Coach Joe Barrington reflected on what he hopes we can expect this year with the wrestlers in comparison to last year. Barrington said he’s hopeful that the team can “defeat Kamiak counterpart in the duel against them this year.”

Barrigton was optimistic about the new season saying, “The difference [between last year and this upcoming is that].. we will have a lot of senior leadership amongst our guys, and that will hopefully propel us towards a better record than that of last year.”

Although he sees senior leadership with the boys wrestling team as an advantage this year, he does not see anyone in particular as better than another. He “wouldn’t highlight anyone wrestler,” because he believes it takes a team for victory.

He aims to get the most out of the wrestling team this year. His hope is to “help give them [the wrestling team] structure on how to achieve their goals and stay on a path to greatness.”

Barrington hopes to see people come out and root for the Mariner Wrestling teams this season. He is thankful for the privilege to be able to coach at the school.

Zachary Skurlock, the girls wrestling coach, was reached out for an interview, however unfortunately did not respond to the questions that were provided.

Valencia Simbolon, one of the wrestlers on the girls wrestling team, however, gave a brief interview. “Well last year, we only had like, four girls joining. And so with that, it was a small team, so there wasn’t a lot of diversity. We got to be close, but like, it was because it was small. We didn’t get too personal with each other [though, as] we thought of each other as [just a] team, not a family like this year.”

She feels that “all of the girls should be looked at very highly. Because wrestling, no one really considers a ‘women’s sport’. So I feel like, everyone on the girls wrestling team should be recognized.”

With Skurlock, Simbolon expressed positive thoughts on him saying that “He’s very supporting and understanding […] and he’s so understanding that if something were to happen, even though it’s a tournament the next day, he’s just like–if you can’t make it–just like, ‘I’m mad, but it’s okay because it is what it is.’”

She hopes that more girls will come out to join Girls and Boys wrestling. Saying, “It will be better for the school, not only for the school, [but the whole community]. Because Girls Wrestling isn’t really one of those big sports.”