The Talent of the Month! Gabriel Placencio!


David Gibson, Writer

If you remember the senior from the Homecoming Assembly who danced for the senior class at the end, Gabriel Placencio is that senior. He grew up with a love for dancing!

Currently, Gabriel only dances for a hobby but would love to pursue it as a career if possible.

Gabriel doesn’t have any preference for what he dances to; he just enjoys dancing he clarified by saying, “I don’t really know… I always danced with my brother and cousins and friends. It was just our thing.”


Gabriel also doesn’t have a preference on who he dances with, whether it be just him or with a group. Gabriel also enjoys the energy and how it exemplifies himself. Another thing that Gabriel likes about dancing is its variety.

He explains, “I just do whatever I do. You never know what I’m going to do, but it’s always different.”

Gabriel has an Instagram page which holds many of his dance videos along with other photos with friends. !o check it out @gabriel153k!

“I knew I loved dancing because it makes me happy dancing, and I dance to literally anything, anywhere. Everyone always says that I dance to anything and that I never stop dancing, and that’s true; hopefully, I get rich off this thing, you know? That’s my dream, just watch when I’m up there y’all.”