1990’s Trends vs. Now Trends


Ryan Lewis, Assistant Editor


There is an unwritten list of ideologies, particular articles of the daily human life, and so on, that attest to the statement that “maybe this should probably stay in the past.” Clothing trends, for one, have changed for the better (and the worst for some older individuals). Overall, those trends fit in this category of needing to stick in the period in which particular clothing fashion was made famous in. Whether it is, for instance, padded suits from the 80s or corsets, favorable to women of the 1800s, nothing compares to the 1990s when it comes to more than outrageous fashion choices that should be left in the 90s. Although it has been an influential time to where we are now with general American culture, in retrospect, let’s just compare how terrible trends from 90s fashion have impacted and affected the society we live in today.

Number 1: Scrunchies and Hair Clips
Scrunchies were popular with all of the fashion trends back in the nineties for young females. Though simple and basic enough to get a pass, exaggeration is key to why this material of clothing is seen here. As you can see on the left, that’s an exaggeration of a regular-sized scrunchie.

Another form of exaggeration is overconsumption. Hair clips for one, have skyrocketed in popularity as of late with ‘E-Girl’ culture, which we will discuss eventually. And though hair clips are purposeful, these little hair accessories have become more of an ‘aesthetic’ than needed with most who wear them now. Usually, in colorful and childish bright shades, these little things have been collected and well… You be the judge.

Number 2: Grunge Wave and E-Teens
Flannel shirts and hair dye. Black and white striped long sleeve shirts and hair dye. Some things coincide with both of these styles. They both were jump-started due to a phenomenon in the mainstream. With the grunge clothing, the music scene of the same name became heavily publicized and popularized within the media and suburban communities. With the E-Teens of nowadays and their clothing style, the increase of popularity to K-Pop (Korean Pop music) over here on the west coast has mediocrely raised the bar to higher than life clothing trends from South Korea to overtake contemporary western clothing trends. And of course, the unique trends here in America have been over saturated and a shell of the original. Not truly reflecting the lively persona that K-Pop fashion has overseas, here, American teenagers are embracing in replication to what they think the overall culture is like. And doing a sadly terrible job at it. But that could be debatable. It’s all on your subjectivity.

Number 3: Baggy Pants and Joggers
This is self-explanatory. Baggy pants and jeans should not be a trend at all. Nobody wants to see your butt. Because if the pants your wearing does not fit you, it is likely that they will fall below your waist. Highly popularized during the turn of the century, this trend has gone away for the better. However, it has respawned in different reincarnations. From baggy pants, it seems to the 2000’s trend of “pure swag” among young male teens at the height of Crunk rap music. Nowadays, though, this can be compared to the wave of “pajama wear” with the young. This wear, Joggers, are not that bad, but should just not be worn out everywhere. You should have a little class and wear some regular, nice fitting jeans.

Excuse the critiques to every wear if you ‘wear’ such, this is only reflecting over the apparel choices that us humans make on the daily.