Dueling Games Club


Kimberly Ramirez, Multi-Media Specialist

Dueling game club is a club where they play fighting games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and more! The current President of the club, William Valencia, states that Dueling Game Club has kinda died down over the years since he was a freshman. His goal as President is to “step up and lead it to put it back to the way it was”. William states that you should join the club because it lets people branch out more, see what types of games someone would like, and genres of types of games they would like, “Also it’s a great community to join no matter what types of games you like.” Every couple of months the club decides to run tournaments for games they play. If you decide to join tournaments, in the end, the winner gets a trophy and the tournament are open for everyone even if you are not apart of the club. If you are interested in the club is hosted in Portable 10 every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:10 to 3:20 after school