Classroom Oddities


Frau’s 10 month collection of Babybel Cheese wax

Javier C. Silva, Assistant Sports Editor

Some teachers at Mariner possess little odd items they keep in their classes. This month’s example, Frau Sebastian. She has been teaching German for 15 years, and every day, she eats a Babybel Cheese when she has her lunch.

She believes that European cheese ranks higher than American Cheddar and that nothing will compare towards the Babybel product. She came into the idea of combining all the wax from the cheese because she realized that she was throwing too much wax away because, well, you cannot eat the wax (obviously).

One day, she was playing with the wax and realized that the warmth of her hands could easily soften the wax. So, she then thought at that moment, “I wonder if I can make a candle out of it?” She decided to collect all the wax from her consumption of Babybel Cheese, so most of the wax would not go to waste.

For ten months straight, she’s still adding wax to the massive ball of wax that sits on the table in front of her class. She keeps it in her class just in case a “bad guy” comes into the class, and she “can use it to protect us [students].”

She plans on cutting the ball of wax by the end of June so that she can add a string in the middle so that it can be an actual candle, instead of a big ball of wax. Her class believes that they can get the ball of wax as big as a basketball by the end of June.


Fun Fact: Did you know that it’s a tradition from Europe to make rounds (or wheels) of cheese? They cover the cheese with wax to keep the cheese itself fresh and to preserve its flavor.

Also, they have competitions on rolling the wheels of cheese down a hill to see which one can go faster.