Web Whisperer – Presidential Impersonator


Trevor, alongside his look-alike.

Ryan Lewis, Assistant Editor

The internet is a wonderful paradise where individuals commence in the recreational parts of their average daily lives. With millions of things to explore, the more obscure and interesting things to be found on the web seem to be more concealed and invisible to the average eye attracted to a keyboard. In essence, leading the more unethical oddities online, to have a safe-haven to spend their time on the “information superhighway” and never be found. I went through a lot of digging to find one -strange website that fits this category. Titled “ILookLikeBarackObama.com,” the guess to what this website entails is explanatory before even going on it. But in summation, an American citizen named “Trevor” thinks he is a pure resemblance of former President of the United States Barack Obama. When going to the site, you’re greeted with a beautiful picture of Trevor, and a cardboard cut-out of his “look alike.”

Though it is a strange piece of work, the delusion being knows he isn’t the president. He clarifies at the end of the homepage, “I am not the president of the United States. So please, if you see me on the street, don’t [come to] me asking if I’m Barack Obama.”

On a contact page, the Barack look alike (though not actually looking like the former president), states that he is “available to appear and impersonate Barack” at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Be advised that you probably shouldn’t try to contact him, as he probably is a busy man with all of the look-alike questions he gets on the streets.