Dungeons and Dragons Club


Kimberly Ramirez, Multi-Media Specialist

Do you like creative games or an interactive group telling games? Then Dungeons and Dragons might be the club for you, “​DnD club is just a creative, welcoming space for students to create stories in a group setting,” states​ Kya, a club member of DnD.

The game can go any way you want, “you can create your own character or any back story you like for your character, you also creatively make that person contribute to the story. It really just a creative experience.”

If you do decide to join the club, you don’t need any knowledge to participate, the ​Dungeon Master and other players will guide you through the process.

“It’s a lot of fun,” says Kya, Creating a story with a group of friends provides a great space to develop unique ideas. It also allows you to play any character you want. You can make up any character you’d like; the story can be set in many different locations, timelines, and even worlds”.

If you do decide to join the club, the club is in E225 right after school on Monday and Thursday and ends at 4:00.