Unappreciated Staff


Raul Ramirez Sanchez, Sports Editor

For many Mariner students, the cafeteria is their favorite place at school. They get to socialize with friends while eating school lunch. Students stand in line without a thought of who made their food only seeing a plate with a pizza on top of a counter. For example, a guy with a plate full of baked potatoes won’t even know who cut them; all he knows is where to get them. 


Students approaching the cashier only have their eyes on the keypad ready to type their ID number, never looking at the lady behind the register. The same lady who cut all those potatoes, the lady who baked the pizza, the lady who made sure all the equipment was clean the lady who made sure all the food was safe. 


These are the Mariner Lunch ladies, the ones who ensure a cafeteria is a place where students feel happy. Jennifer Arnot, the head of the Mariner lunch ladies, doesn’t mind all the food needed for such a high amount of students after all “it’s all about timing when it comes down to feeding so many students.” 


Arnot also feels comfortable knowing that she “has a wonderful team of ladies that [she] works with” working hard to make every student happy once they get to eat their lunch. The Mariner lunch staff works hard every day to get students food ready, but they would love it if you helped them too. 


Arnot would wish for students to have their money ready before reaching the cashier, and if you’re standing in line waiting for a friend to “just wait outside [because], you make the line look longer.” She feels that many students “don’t get lunch because they see the lines [are] too long, and we don’t want that.”


Arnot mentioned if a “student wants to help out, they can become a student helper. For being [a helper], they get two dollars to spend on the Ala cart. All they need to do is be able to leave five minutes before lunch starts.”