Pokemon Sword and Shield


Valerie Diep

Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming out on November 15th, which is only a few days away. Recently, there has been a sudden surge of game leaks, but there are many things we still don’t know about Pokemon Sword and Shield. This article will preview what the new games will have, but will not mention unintended leaks.

With a release of a new set of main series Pokemon games, like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (not like Pokken Tournament), a new region is introduced along with new battle mechanics and Pokemon. The new main series this year introduced a new region based on England called “the Galar Region.”

With the transition from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, Game Freak obtained the capability to drastically improve its graphics. In Pokemon SwSh, there is a new, explorable area called “the Wild Area,” where, instead of running into seemingly empty grass patches, actual Pokemon can be seen walking in the terrain, where you can interact with them.

The Wild Area.

We can see that the new environment is much more colorful, vibrant, and clean compared to previous game titles, almost reminiscent of the graphics found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are many complaints found with the battle animations and the reused animations for character expressions. However, with the introduction of Pokemon Camp, Pokemon animations are much more lively than seen in previous games.

Designed to be Played on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

On the topic of the Nintendo Switch, the game is mainly designed for handheld playing. We’re not sure how Pokemon will be played connected to a television, but we’re sure that the T.V. will definitely display the wonderful graphics Game Freak has to offer. There is also a Pokemon themed Nintendo Switch Lite available for purchase, if you currently don’t own a Switch. It’s less expensive than the Nintendo Switch and has a unique color scheme based on the new legendaries.


Of course, new Pokemon are being introduced to the Pokedex, like Polteageist, a Ghost-type tea Pokemon that you can drink, but may lead to “indigestion or an upset stomach” according to the official Pokemon site. There is also an Electric-type corgi Pokemon called “Yamper” and a sheep Pokemon called “Wooloo,” who rolls away in the presence of danger. There are a lot more Pokemon that were introduced, which you can check out on the official Pokemon website.

Make Curry With Your Pokemon!

One interesting gimmick that Game Freak created is curry. You and your Pokemon can now make curry to fill up your, no joke, “Curry Dex.” The purpose of curry in Pokemon is currently ambiguous, but one can guess that it’s an alternative for the Pokebeans and Pokepuffs that increase the friendship or affection of your Pokemon.

More Options for Character Customization.

Character customization seems to have more options than ever. You can have a variety of hair colors and hairstyles, more diverse sets of clothing, and makeup on your character if you’re a girl. With so many options for character customization, you will feel more immersive as if you are the main character in the story.

Competitive battling is now more open towards more casual players. No longer will you have to breed for a long time to get a preferred Pokemon nature. A new item called “Nature Mints” can change the nature of your current Pokemon to support its battle statistics in competitive play.

Battle With Rental Pokemon from Other Players.

With the introduction of Rental Teams, you can “rent” different Pokemon teams from other trainers to use in competitions yourself. A downside with competitive battling this year is that you are required to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership; it’s twenty dollars for a year’s worth of membership access, which is not too pricey.

Online Competitive Battling. Being at a higher tier can give you an opportunity to participate in Pokemon Championships!

The main new mechanic for Pokemon Sword and Shield is Dynamax and Gigantimaxing. Dynamaxing is when a Pokemon increases its size (by a ridiculous amount) and power in battle. Gigantimaxing is similar Dynamaxing, but the Pokemon’s appearance changes and the Pokemon can perform a move called a “G-Max Move.”

Speculation says that Gigantimaxing may be a combination of Z-Moves from Pokemon Sun and Moon and Mega Evolutions from Pokemon X and Y, which would make sense since neither Mega Evolutions or Z-Moves will have an appearance in the new games.

What surprised some Pokemon fans was the reveal of Galarian forms, different variants of older Pokemon. Previously with Pokemon Sun and Moon, we were introduced to Pokemon called “Alolan Forms” with a new surfer Raichu and a dark-type Meowth. With this new region, Galar, we were introduced to more new forms such as a unicorn variant of Ponyta (and most likely Rapidash). When you buy the new Pokemon games early, you’ll receive a gift: a special Meowth that can Gigantimax into a long cat.






The new legendary Pokemon in this generation is called Zacian and Zamazenta, for Pokemon Sword and Shield respectively. Lore has it that Zacian wields a sword that can cut through anything, while Zamazenta has a shield that can defend against anything. How these legendary Pokemon will play into the main plot is unknown, fortunately.

When learning more about this game, be careful of unintended spoilers. Leakers have already exposed the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon: Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookie. The entire Pokemon roster for Pokemon Sword and Shield has also been leaked, which has upset some people as not every Pokemon is part of the game. If you plan on buying the game and thoroughly enjoy it, please avoid going on Twitter or any other social media platform to avoid spoilers.

Regardless of whether you choose Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, don’t plan on catching them all, because not all Pokemon will exist in the games. Sweet.