Harvest Fest: A Success!


Renee Huard, Writer

All of the volunteers, whether they were there for clubs, leadership, or their own accord, worked together as comrades. As booths were being set up, there were sounds of laughter floating down the halls. Even though there was a lot of work that went into organizing and setting up Harvest Fest, the workers all had fun in the process.
As 5:00 pm approached, the trick-or-treaters started rolling in, in waves, and all the workers were in position; the booths set up beautifully. There were ghouls, superheroes, villains, demons, princesses, etc. Both the children and their parents/guardians seemed excited by all of the festivities and fun. Every child went home with their healthy doses of candy for the day without the worries of an unsafe atmosphere.
Even Kamiak helped out, sending volunteers to help with the trick-or-treat street, found traditionally held in the horseshoe hallway. It’s always decorated a week before Halloween. There was also a much-needed attendance of Mariner staff throughout the night. They helped keep the event orderly and kept it safe. Some staff even brought their kids or grandkids to participate in the festivities.
By the end of the night, there was a sense of satisfaction amongst all. It was a day well-done for those who had volunteered their time to create a fun, safe atmosphere for the trick-or-treaters. And even though there was a lower attendance of volunteers this year, the whole night ran spectacularly smooth. By 9:30-10:00 pm, most if not all of the decorations and booths were torn down, the reusable decorations stored for the next year.
A special thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who helped make Harvest Fest happen!