Tradition of The Month

Raul, Sports Editor

Every school, including Mariner, has traditions that they keep throughout the years. Eventually, these traditions will either become a part of the school itself or die out throughout the years. One tradition that has been dropped recently is the Mural painting in the lunchroom. The Mariner Lunchroom is surrounded by windows: one set of windows overlooking the fish tank or the gym, and the other overlooking the swimming pool. 

Did you know that students had been able to draw a mural on these windows relating to a current event? Former student Walt Anderson of Class 77 explained how, during the holidays such as “Christmas season, students would draw on the glass panes in light of the Christmas spirit, but leave the paintings up till April.” 

As a result, Anderson said, “the staff would get mad at us, telling us to take it down.” Perhaps that’s the reason the Mariner staff got rid of the Mural painting. The staff became upset at the students for not taking the drawings down by themselves. Instead, the janitors were the ones who were left with the responsibility of cleaning the windows. 

With the new installment of opaque window films, the chances of this tradition returning are slim.