Ask Gabby: How Do I Get My Crush to Like Me

Gabriela Castaneda, Staffer

Firstly, thank you for asking this question. Secondly, I think the media have indeed dramatized the topic of crushes and high school romance. I’m sorry that is my opinion, but I do feel that young adults in high school are still maturing and becoming functioning citizens, so it is possible for some to act childish. I also may not have the most credible information since I also act childish in these situations. Please, Jackie, and everyone else wondering, take my advice with a grain of salt because you, my friend, have unleashed a can of worms.

I will be frank: I hold a lot of disdain for this question, not because it furthers the idea of dependency in order to be accepted by others, but crushes serve as an active distraction. Having a crush may lead you to prioritize poorly, that is just a fact. I am not one to judge since I have been there. In fact, I have been there for most of my life, considering my older brother married his high school sweetheart soon after graduating from Mariner, and built a family with her. I frequently find myself wondering why I did not get as lucky as they did. Like I stated earlier, I still ponder this thought. 

Well, now, onto the actual advice. Which, if I haven’t made clear by now, is not usable for all situations in the crush department. Anyway, step one for getting your crush to like you would be: getting your priorities straight. If you wish to look more attractive, ambition and intelligence, which can win many people over in a heartbeat, or at least me. These traits are so sought after in people because there are copious amounts of lazy bums. In fact, they crowd the halls of Mariner. Everywhere you look, you can find these students standing there, blocking other students to talk to their friends rather than go to their classes and focus on classwork. Therefore, when you see a person that is driven and calculated, that person earns respect and adoration from their fellow peers. Also, make a note to refrain from bummy activities; this should also help with getting your crush to like you. 

I do not like to give topical or superficial advice, but we are in high school; therefore, I must address the smell(s). Yes, there are a variety of odors. HYGIENE! Deodorant and the lack thereof can be a determining factor. Again, I will not recommend you buy loads of Victoria Secret perfumes and lotions or Giorgio Armani colognes, but please, for the love of everyone else in the room, TAKE A SHOWER! Showering is not for the weak! So please, Jackie, stay safe and scrub. 

I hope this helped you, Jackie, and everyone else that was wondering how to get your crush to like you. If all else fails, just ask the person directly. In a very common occasion where they don’t reciprocate your feelings, you can always buy a pet to fill the void. Also, ladies and gentlemen, please remember that we are in high school, and no one is expecting you to marry right after you graduate. You all have the rest of your lives to regret marrying someone, so please do not start complaining early.