International Rescue Committee Visits Mariner



Yarimar Feliz Polanco, Writer

In celebration of the International Day of the Girl (Friday, October 11), Mrs. Marquardt was able to get some members of the IRC (International Rescue Committee) to talk about what they do and the immigration crisis on Wednesday 9th after school. Around forty people showed up with a desire to help and were eager to hear what the ladies had to say. We got to watch the film Brave Girl Rising as well as an inspiring video made to raise awareness of the issues that many girls face around the world.

The IRC is a humanitarian aid that works in other countries and helps resettle immigrants, refugees, and people devastated by disasters. There are about 244 million immigrants in the world, 65.6 million being refugees. 

These refugees are forced to leave their homes in search of asylum because they aren’t safe where they currently are. Many of these refugees are forced to live in refugee camps, and some are even born there. The conditions of those camps are horrible, people are usually crammed into one small space, and not all these places offer education. Some refugees haven’t been able to attend a school or have access to education for years. Once they’ve finally settled into a home, which can take up to three years or more, they’re usually expected to know English, get a job, and attend school and understand the material at the same level a student that has been getting an education their whole life does.

Right here, at Mariner, there are refugees and immigrant students that have had to go through those things, and the best way to help them is by having patience. At the end of the day, refugees are just humans like everyone else and shouldn’t be treated differently. Even if it’s not International Day of the Girl, I encourage you all to raise some awareness to the people who don’t have it as easy as us. From the girls that can’t get an education to the refugees who’ve suffered, and to the people who can’t have what we take for granted, even the smallest thing can make a significant change.