Nitwits will not disappoint!

Maxine Mitchell, Staffer

Mariner drama department is excited to perform their newest production, The Nitwits, this November. It’s first showings are scheduled on the 7th through the 9th, with the others following the next week on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. Shows begin at 7PM so get there early for a good seat. They will also be performing free matinees after the school day on Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th. 

The play follows the story of a young man trying to earn money to head back to college. To do so, he puts an ad in the newspaper, pretending to be a psychologist. Throughout the play, he meets a number of eccentric patients that spin him into one crazy incident after another. The plot leads the way for many comical scenes and the cast is excited to try out their comedic skills.

 “We want to make people laugh, that’s one of the great goals of entertaining people in theater,̈  says Xavier Turner, the lead.

It has been under production since the start of school and has required a lot of effort to get the show up and running. One part of the production that was particularly time consuming was the costume design. “We have so many costumes and different costume choices for people and it’s taken a lot of time,̈  cites another cast member, Spencer Bliss. 

They haven’t done it alone, however, they worked in tandem with stagecraft to paint the scenes and outsourced advertising to Ms.Casino’s graphic design team for posters. The combined efforts of each of these classes/clubs are sure to make for a great show!

The cast is excited for people to come and attend and enjoy the show just as they enjoyed preparing for it.