Yearbook Club


Kimberly Ramirez, Multi-media Specialist

Do you like taking pictures, writing, or do you have excellent computer skills? If so, then you should consider joining the Yearbook Club! The yearbook club is an after school club with Ms. MacDonald; it is open on Monday through Thursday.
If you decide to join, “You have to be involved and should have the opportunity to contribute ideas and pictures.” MacDonald states. Part of the activities is creating the actual yearbook itself. The Yearbook has connections to regular classes, but of course, the club has its own activities.
MacDonald thinks people should join because “Of the same reason we have the club.” MacDonald also states that “You can join her club without any knowledge of the club, but she would also appreciate if someone could join the club with writing and computer skills knowledge, but it’s not necessary.”
If you would like to join the Yearbook Club, come on in on Monday through Thursday in E185.