K-Pop Club


Kimberly Ramirez, Multi-Media Specialist

K-pop club is an afterschool club with Mrs.Brook. The club is open to everybody. If you don’t know anything about K-pop, you can still join the club. The club is open on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesdays are a day to get to know each other, and highlighting the types of k-pop groups they know, and on Thursday they dance and learn to dance, and potentially getting ready to perform a dance.

If you enjoy K-pop, you should join the class. Brooks states the club is a “good place for everybody who enjoys k-pop, so they don’t feel like they are judged, and it becomes more enjoyable when in a group.”
K-pop is all about getting together, enjoy something they might like individually, and they have conversations and dances together. If you are interested in K-pop, then join Mrs.Brooks Tuesdays and Thursdays in Portable 4.