Mariner 50th Celebration


Raul Ramirez Sanchez, Sports Editor

Did you join Mariner for their 50th Anniversary Celebration? Mariner’s Homecoming week ended with a celebration consisting of former Mariner students,  Mariner Band, Mariner Cheer, and a speech from the current Mariner High Principal Nathan DuChesne. The ceremony took place at Mariner’s lunchroom decked out in blue and gold. 

DuChesne opened by explaining how the school came to be. “Students from Olympic View Junior High got together to plan the new school. They did a lot of the planning, not only of the school colors and mascot but also the planning of the program and curriculum.”

Cliff Gillies, the first principle of Mariner High School, worked with the students to make up Mariner. Gillies passed away in 2004, but the WIAA has honored his memory by naming an award after him. The award recognizes students for their participation in student activities, academic achievement, sportsmanship, and citizenship. 

After DuChesne’s speech, Mariner’s Cheer performed their routine. The Mariner Alumni seemed genuinely surprised by the quality of the performance MHS Cheer put together. The alumni continually looked at each other with awe-inspired faces. 

The Mariner band, led by band teacher Chris Angelos, followed cheer with a performance that consisted of current and former MHS band members. They performed three pieces in total, all filled with plenty of dancing and song choices aimed at the Alumni. 

The Celebration also consisted of guest speaker Doug Hodgson, former editor for the 1973 Natsilane Newspaper. His speech focused on current students and their education. Telling them “to never give up, change unity, and don’t forget where you came from.” 

Hodgeson joked that he’d “love for the giant propeller in front of the school to be polished.”

The classes of the ’70s seemed very well represented both in former students and staff. Mike Ryan was a teacher at Mariner from 1970 until he retired in 1996. Ryan taught Health, Basic Math, and Biology classes. He was also the coach of the golf team, which he referred to as “best team at the time ’til Kamiak came [along].” 

Ryan said that the 26 years he was at Mariner were always “filled with good people… [I] enjoyed it here and adored it here.” 

Walt Anderson’s Senior Photo (’77)

Ryan reunited with former student Walter Anderson (class of 77). Anderson played Golf for Ryan.

Anderson referred to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and how it’s important to him.  He said that it was necessary “because it made me realize how much I learned here. AP English got me stressed out, felt like I was learning nothing, but after moving, English was much easier.”

Anderson also mentioned how “the football team actually started winning when he got here.”

Yearbook writing on ’77 Football team


Anderson stayed in the area, so he saw Mariner change over the years as he passed every morning while headed to work. Walt was surprised to learn that the school had its own theatre.

“Before the lunchroom was the theatre, there was a stage where the big M is now.” 

Anderson is glad to see that there is still a great vibe at Mariner. He said the band is as “amazing as ever, not just band but the cheerleaders were amazing too. [I] got chills during both their performances.”

Hodgson said it best when addressing all the current and former students, “Mariner never changes from its roots.”